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HDPE Fittings

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When is comes to HDPE fittings, few have the selection in stock to get the material you need when you need it.  Certain types of HDPE fittings come in either molded or fabricated (mitered) styles.  There are advantages and disadvantages to each type and CAVCO can provide either.  All sizes and SDR are available. 

Like HDPE pipe, HDPE fittings are joined to pipe through the fusion process, heating the fitting and then pressing the two together.  Fusion forms a leak free system.  There is also a process which does not require a fusion machine.  It is called electrofusion which uses an electric current to heat the fitting and fuses it to the pipe. There are certain situations where electrofusion is a better alternative to the butt fusion process.  Moreover, if you have a special situation that calls for special dimension, just provide us with the drawing and we can begin work on it. 

Our product line includes:

Blind Flange 150#                      Wall Anchor

Elbows 90° and 45°                   True Wye 

Backing Ring                              Transition (to PVC, Steel, Ductile)

Cap                                           Tee

Coupling                                    Tapping Tee 

Cross                                         Stub End

Flange Adapter                          Saddle

Lateral                                      Reducer

MJ Adapter                                Electrofusion


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