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Everything HDPE for your Industrial Needs


CAVCO’s competitive edge lies in our readily available inventory.  We have what you want when you need it.  HDPE pipe is a great alternative to metal and other poly pipe because of its flexibility, corrosion resistance, durability, light weight and weldability.  Whether your project is landfill gas collection (LFG), dredging, fireworks mortar or an industrial slurry line -- we can help. 

HDPE pipe can be put together by a process called fusion where the pipe is heated and pressed together to form a monolithic leak free system.  This is vitally important in natural gas transmission, where it is estimated the over 95% of natural gas is transferred through polyethylene.  Moreover, municipalities looking to reduce maintenance and increase billable water find leak free systems key to their underground infrastructure. 

Our product line includes:

TYPE: new HDPE and MDPE pipe and used pipe

SIZE: 1/2 to 63”

WALL THICKNESS: All standard dimension ratio (SDR) FROM 7 to 32.5 (see chart on right)

PRESSURE CLASS: all pressure classes 256 to 50 psi

LENGTH: coils (500’ AND UP), 40’ or 50’ sections

APPLICATION: municipal water and sewer, natural gas and methane collection/distribution, slurry, dredging, firework cannon and many more

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